Avery to the Rescue


The Apiary Studios, Digitoonz Media & Entertainment


Character Development & Design, Conceptualization, 2D Animation, Storyboarding, Production Planning, Plot Sequencing

The Challenge

With a small in-house creative team and an ambitious production timeline, bringing Avery to the Rescue to life required collaboration and creativity. Leaning into this unique, socioemotional concept proved fruitful when Avery to the Rescue evolved into a 3-minute proof of concept to be showcased at MIPCOM, an annual International Co-Production & Entertainment festival held in Cannes, France.


With a concept close to heart, Bradley Lunz, CEO and founder of The Apiary, brought his idea for the 2D edutainment project to the creative team. Rooted in his daughter’s love for animals, each episode teaches essential socioemotional intelligence to children. With opportunity for scalability and the modern edutainment market in mind, the inspiring concept quickly took on a life of its own with charming, influential characters, like Chunk the Wombat.

The Story

With an intentional mission of teaching and inspiring socioemotional learning through animals, our creative team brought this project to life with additional opportunities for scalability and collaboration.


Building Out A Concept

Excited to build out the initial idea and get started, discussions organically began to center around target audiences, engaging characters and intentional plot synopsis. Ultimately, these discussions and brainstorming sessions provided a strong foundation to supply a formula that would best align with an increasingly progressive children’s edutainment market.

Bringing Averys to Life

With a clear vision of intent for the project, The Apiary engaged Digitoonz Media & Entertainment to produce Proof of Concept. Our creative team carefully crafted and delivered hundreds of character, plot and background assets during our collaboration with Digitoonz, an India-based production studio. With MIPCOM just weeks away and Digitoonz based oversees, our team effectively created and coordinated an ambitious around-the-clock production plan that would not only meet a deadline but convey the inspiring intent of Averys.

Possibilities for Additional Formats

With a successful 2D Proof of Concept complete, our creative team looks ahead to determine the potential impact of bringing Avery to the Rescue into the 3D space.

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