Bonnet Springs Park Map


Bonnet Springs Park


The Apiary Studios, Tinsley Creative

The Challenge

With a Grand Opening only weeks away, Bonnet Springs Park engaged The Apiary Studios to create a park map to showcase 168 acres of ecological wonder.
Once one of the largest railroad operations in Florida, the desolate 168-acre plot left a deep environmental footprint. Nearly 40 years later, a group of community investors and developers united to repurpose the historic site. With a vision inspired by exploration and recreation, The Apiary Studios created a park map to capture not only the historical significance of the land, but the possibilities of the park.


Mapping out the 168-acre park experience, filled with numerous recreational activities, required a high-level of detail, a cohesive vision and copious amounts of creativity. With only three weeks until the park’s Grand Opening, project leaders turned to The Apiary Studios to provide visitors with an intentionally designed map, creating an authentic, easily navigable park experience.

The Story

After providing visualization services for Bonnet Springs Park in 2019, The Apiary possessed a familiarity with the park that provided an additional pillar of support when asked to create a park map.

Planning the Execution

In collaboration with project leaders, we considered the size of the park, the substantial amount of ecological and recreational features, and the usability regarding intended purposes of the map. Using this information, we began creating a 3D modeled version of the park referencing drone footage, previously executed maps of the acreage and reference photos of key features to showcase. Features were brought to life, including the park’s signature highline path, multi-use educational and meeting spaces, cafes, and sensory gardens.

Laying the Foundation

Using a 3D model of the park, we created individual, curated renderings for each building to be included in the map. This allowed our team to visually guide users through each feature of the park while still maintaining the integrity and detail of each individual building. Once each building was rendered and placed into the model providing a cohesive perspective, the map was carefully stylized and layered with foliage, walking trails, branded icons and custom textures.

Check out Bonnet Springs’ website for more information on this exciting addition to the Lakeland community. The mission of Bonnet Springs Park is to enrich our community through nature, culture, recreation, and education. Our Park serves to unify the city’s diverse population, offering public spaces that serve the needs of many by providing engaging and diverse opportunities in education and recreation to residents and visitors.

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