Bonnet Springs Park

Sasaki | Lakeland, FL


Bonnet Springs Park


The Lunz Group, The Apiary Studio, Sasaki, Tinsley Creative, Potthast Studios, Indie Atlantic Films


3D Animation, 3D Modelling, Architectural Visualization, Environmental Conceptualization

The Challenge

With a groundbreaking ceremony only four weeks away, The Apiary Studios created an intricately detailed teaser video of the incredible plans for Bonnet Springs Park.


Bonnet Springs Park was born from a desire to showcase a hidden gem in our natural amenities with a public park that is uniquely Lakeland. As a private venture, the project needed an injection of wonderment in their marketing campaign to curry excitement and draw in investors.

The Brief

Transforming an abandoned rail yard into a 168-acre ecological wonder required ambitious levels of vision and investment. But few were willing to make the investment without catching the vision. To help prospective donors see the possibilities, project leaders turned to The Apiary Studios.

Realizing Potential

Bonnet Springs Park would be a crown jewel for a major metropolis. But in a city of barely 100,000, this project promised to make the area a statewide destination–if enough donors would buy in. The Apiary Studios was challenged to demonstrate the scope and scale of this reclamation / development project in a three-minute video.

Constructing the Story

Our visualization artists created an immersive virtual flythrough, allowing future visitors and investors to have an inside look at what the park was destined to become. All of the architects’ plans were brought to 3-dimensional life, including the park’s signature highline path, multi-use educational and meeting spaces, cafes, and sensory gardens.

Incorporating Details

Conservation efforts made it important to highlight specific biodiversity within the development, as well as the seamless transitions between natural and built spaces. Digital flora was meticulously placed to respect Sasaki’s landscape designs and over 300,000 individual trees were placed within the 3D renderings.

Bringing the Park to Life

With structures that foster community through engaged learning, recreation, and cultural experiences, Bonnet Springs Park is poised to become a landmark in central Florida thanks to the vision of its founders, hundreds of forward-thinking donors, and a little visual magic from The Apiary Studios.

Check out Bonnet Springs’ website for more information on this exciting addition to the Lakeland community.

The mission of Bonnet Springs Park is to enrich our community through nature, culture, recreation, and education. Our Park serves to unify the city’s diverse population, offering public spaces that serve the needs of many by providing engaging and diverse opportunities in education and recreation to residents and visitors.

– Mission of Bonnet Springs Park