Bigbee’s Enchanted Frontier

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The Lunz Group


Theme Development, Environmental Conceptualization, 3D Modelling, 3D Animation, Illustration, Branding, Copywriting

The Challenge

Nondisclosure agreements prevented The Lunz Group from showing some of their best work in the themed entertainment market. To help them overcome this challenge and present a portfolio to prospective clients, The Apiary designed an entire theme park.


The Apiary Studios created the concept, story, and customer experience for an imaginary theme park in less than two weeks.

The Story

Exposing a Challenge

NDAs are common with high-profile entertainment clients, and the team found the practice prohibitive when trying to pitch expertise to new clients in the same industry.  

Starting at Square One

To address this, The Apiary reimagined and ‘re-skinned’ multiple projects and ideas  into a new concept for a theme park. BigBee’s Enchanted Frontier was developed as a theoretical eco park where families would experience nature through the eyes and size of an insect.

Growing a Theme Park

Backstories were written, characters were developed, rides were designed, and the flow of the entire park was created to demonstrate the client’s understanding and expertise in themed entertainment.

Turning a Problem into a Portfolio Piece

The process was documented in digital, print, and animated formats, which The Lunz Group can freely display and distribute since there is no copyrighted content included. Prospective clients are consistently floored by the efforts made to highlight their considerable breadth of knowledge while respecting confidentiality. 

The star of the show is the epic bee-themed roller coaster, “The Bigbee Race”.