Training and Education Sports Complex Study

OSPORTS | Conceptual




The Lunz Group


Motion Graphics, Storyboarding, Stop Motion, Drone Footage

The Challenge

The Apiary team produced a killer arch viz concept teaser, turning the client’s designs into motion graphics combined with stop motion animation and drone footage in less than 10 days.


When a major league soccer team planned a major relocation, competing architecture firms had one shot at wowing the selection committee. To bolster their chances of success with an out-of-the-box vision, Osports called on The Apiary Studios.

The Story

Designing a Blueprint for Success

To impress a major league soccer client, Osports had far more in mind than just a building design. They crafted an architectural concept that promised to merge the constructed space into the heart of the community.

Breaking Expectations

Rather than simply showcase the building’s adjacencies and features, The Apiary developed a series of 3D video transitions tying the future of the stadium with the present, including the way it opened its arms to friends and neighbors.

Weaving Together the Story

This immersive animated tour was spliced with drone footage of the existing space and upgraded with cutting edge motion graphics, crystallizing the sensation of a stadium moments before the home team scores a goal.

Delivering the Final

The final piece captured the client’s vision of a world class sports facility that housed training for the professional team, an academy for the next generation, and a community hub that transformed the neighborhood.