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3D Modelling, Architectural Visualization

The Challenge

As the clock was ticking down on Florida Cancer Specialists’ option to purchase a parcel of land, The Apiary Studios created 3D renderings and animated flythroughs highlighting how an architectural concept provided by The Lunz Group could maximize the available space.


Florida Cancer Specialists didn’t know how or if they could fully serve their clients with the space limitations of a property they had an option to purchase. The Apiary’s 3D renderings helped them make informed decisions.

The Story

Seeing a Need

Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute wasn’t sure if the property they had in mind could fit the required building footprint, fit the services that their patients needed, while also addressing parking needs. Time was running out to make a decision.

Racing the Clock

They asked The Lunz Group to envision unique ways the specific land parcel could accommodate their needs. The Lunz Group delivered expert solutions, and partnered with The Apiary to showcase their ideas. With only three days to turn around the project, The Apiary created a 3D fly-around animation highlighting The Lunz Group’s unique covered parking solution that maximized the building footprint while also accommodating parking needs.

Highlighting Innovation

Our animation focussed on how the ground floor through-way created ample parking while maximizing ambulance access and reducing the amount of time it takes to get a patient through the doors and into the care they need.

Visualizing Success

Thanks to The Lunz Group’s design and The Apiary’s visualization, FCS was able to make informed decisions about their property purchase and construction project.

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