Gospel Village

Gospel, Inc. | Lakeland, FL


Gospel, Inc.


The Lunz Group


3D Modelling, 3D Animation, Architectural Visualization, Environmental Conceptualization

The Challenge

Gospel, Inc. struggled to create buy-in from community leaders and donors for an affordable housing project for the chronically homeless. When The Apiary Studios helped show off their vision with a stunning 3D flythrough, doors began to open and dollars started pouring in.


The Apiary’s visualization artists worked with Randal Productions to produce a teaser video combining real life stories of the community’s homeless with 3D flythroughs of a visionary village that could solve problems for both the homeless and the city.

The Story

Understanding the Vision

A neighborhood designed for the homeless might seem like a contradiction in terms. But Gospel, Inc. had been working with this population for years, and knew of many homeless individuals who could succeed in affordable housing situations with a little extra support. Communicating this vision became critical to the project’s success.

Showcasing Change

Our flythrough video highlighted the client’s vision to purchase a plot of land with existing structures that could be improved and expanded over time. Residents would join an intentional community with opportunities for meaningful work, including an art studio, a working farm, groundskeeping, and construction/renovation projects.

Visualizing the Future

This transformation promised a win/win for the community by both rehabilitating an eyesore neighborhood and creating safe, affordable housing with the support network of a nonprofit.

Thanks in part to The Apiary Studios visualization team, Gospel Inc. won massive community support for their project, raising more than $1.4 million to purchase the property and begin renovations. Today, formerly homeless residents have leases on new lives they never thought possible.

We worked with Randall Productions, a member of our creative community, who cut the video together to create a polished piece that mirrors the values and goals of the Gospel, Inc. team.

With the help of The Apiary, funds were raised, land was purchased, and Gospel Village is now welcoming residents! To get involved in the project or learn more about what’s going on in Gospel Village, head to Gospel, Inc.

"To have graphics and video like that, people can see into the future and catch the vision. I don't know how we would have done it without them."

-Brian Seeley, Executive Director, Gospel Inc.