Catalyst Site Master Plan

City of Lakeland Community & Economic Development | Lakeland, FL


City of Lakeland, City of Lakeland Community & Economic Development


The Lunz Group, The Apiary Studios, Lakeland CRA, Lakeland Economic Development Council


Architectural Conceptualization, Architectural Visualization, 2D Modelling

The Challenge

The Apiary Studios created flagship visuals to help galvanize public and private entities, ultimately attracting large-scale investments to Downtown Lakeland that launched in record time.


One of the fastest growing cities in the US, Lakeland’s downtown had lots of developer interest, but no unified vision for the limited properties available. Together with The Lunz Group, The Apiary team painted a strategic picture of what Downtown Lakeland could and would become.

The Story

Facing Adversity

Available properties in Downtown Lakeland belonged to a combination of government agencies and private entities. Investors wanted to develop these spaces in meaningful ways, but the complex logistics made it seem impossible.

The Apiary Studios was asked to help bring all parties to the table by creating visualizations of an interconnected downtown that maximized best use of all available properties.

Working With an Expert Team

In collaboration with The Lunz Group, we took into account the zoning regulations, parking density requirements, and fiscal implications regarding different development options for each opportunity site.

Laying the Foundation

Using a 3D rendering as a base for a layer of data, we created renderings that allowed our team to guide viewers visually through each phase of construction and quickly show the fiscal cost to benefit on each proposed design and how they complimented each other.

Bridging the Present and the Future

The Apiary’s visualization exercise for Downtown Lakeland helped owners come together under a unified vision. Developers could finally see their projects happening, and these projects all came to fruition either in design, construction, or completion within a year and half.