Rickards Highschool

AllState Construction | Tallahassee, FL


AllState Construction


The Lunz Group, Randall Productions


3D Modelling, 3D Animation, Architectural Visualization, Motion Graphics

The Challenge

The Apiary Studios helped All State Construction explain a complex construction solution through drone footage, voice-overs, and cross-section 3D animation, ultimately landing a big contract. And in only one week to complete it.


How do you complete a large-scale school construction project without sacrificing student safety or interrupting educational activities? The leadership at AllState Construction envisioned innovative methods to solve these problems for Rickards High School. To help sell their idea to Rickards, as well as future clients in the education market, they called The Apiary Studios.

The Story

Racing the Clock 

With only a week before the presentation, AllState Construction needed to show leadership at Rickards High School how they planned to complete a complex construction project on time, on budget, and without interrupting classes. The Apiary saw an opportunity to highlight the ingenuity of their ideas through animation.

Distilling Complexity

Including relocation, demolition, renovation, and construction, AllState’s plan would take many months and require a phased approach. We condensed the entire process into just three minutes, showing the details of each phase and how construction would seamlessly interact with school activities.

Showcasing Brilliance

Our ability to highlight student movement in the midst of construction helped underscore AllState’s commitment to safety and mobility, including how they planned to preserve the critical flow of traffic from one end of campus to the other.

Winning the Job

AllState’s design solution plus The Apiary’s expertise in visualization gave Rickards High leadership an unparalleled understanding of how their complex project would be completed. In the end, our efforts were able to help AllState land this contract as well as future projects.