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The Challenge

Over 33 years of serving clients, The Lunz Group developed a secret sauce of six core values that have helped it become one of the fastest growing firms in Florida. As new employees came on board, however, it became challenging to quickly and effectively communicate the corporate culture. They reached out to the Apiary Studios to help tell their story.


Through graphic design, print production, and stop-motion animation, The Apiary created a multi-dimensional culture guide based on a scout field handbook. New hires now have fun, inclusive ways of understanding the attitude and teamwork needed to thrive in the company culture.

The Story 

Designing a Solution

The Lunz Group wanted to expand its printed culture guide at the same time The Apiary Studios sought to grow into hybrid animation. Working together, the two teams created a win-win scenario by developing a series of stop-motion shorts.

Merging Media

With high-level experience in rendering 3-dimensional environments, it was a natural fit for The Apiary team to craft 3D backgrounds that could be juxtaposed against stop motion animation. The addition of storytelling elements and character design highlights a broadened scope of the team’s core competencies.

Creating a Space to Explore

This series of exploratory creations helped further craft the story of The Lunz Group culture while allowing the Apiary team to test different mediums of animation.

Unearthing New Solutions

The combination of printed field guide and animated series became a sensation for inspiring positive company culture at the Lunz Group, while simultaneously creating a showreel of new competencies for The Apiary Studios. The result is not only a win for both teams, but an expression of the culture they sought to create along the way.